Tuesday, March 13

There, But For The Grace Of God...

I do not know this man, but I understand his pain in a way you probably cannot. I feel his bewildering grief like a knife across my hands.

I came within inches of an ending like this.

Depression is a very serious, insidious, bastard illness. It unravels from the inside, then tries to unravel everything around it so it won't die alone.

Rest well, Richard; I know your pain. I hope it is ended now. I hope you find the simple things we all need, but are sometimes blinded to. Be free. Be happy.

If someone you know shows sudden changes in personality, flips moods in an instant, is always either high or low and never in between, or retreats far away from the world on occasion blaming fatigue or illness or just needing a rest, or just seems "off" somehow, do something. Do anything. Call a doctor, a clergyman, a help line, family members, friends. Google "depression." Do anything.

Prepare for a fight. A fight that may avoid writing an epitaph like this one.


tiff said...

All y'all - please be aware that if you DO try to get help for someone you suspect may have depression, they will look at you like you've got two heads. Fight for them anyhow, because you are the one who is right. They can't see it, will deny it, I promise you.

KF - I for one am glad glad glad that you did NOT end up like this.

Anonymous said...

KF - I second what Tiff says: I'm very glad you did not end up like this; your words and wisdom are insightful, though-provoking and entertaining, and have blessed the lives of many, I daresay.

I've tread the waters of serious depression quite a bit through my life, and so in some measure I do understand this man's pain.

And I agree wholeheartedly... do something, do whatever you can do to help! Most of all, be a friend. Be a good friend, 'cause they're the type that usually notice when things are wrong, and are often the best suited to help.

Rest in peace, Richard; may you hurt no more.

Anonymous said...

Richard Jeni, Brad Delp ... so many more that we don't hear about. I'm glad you stayed with us, KF. Thanks for an eye-opening, powerful post.

tiff said...

hon? you ever gonna post again?

this thing ON?