Saturday, October 6


Look at my hands
They grow older than I
Grip span diminishes
Life span increases

Flesh grows thin above
Joints grow wide within
A caress means more
Even if touch means less

Scars of invincible youth
Creases of skills learned
Pains of injury and repetition
Wonders of newborns held

Father did you ever
See me in your hands?


wordnerd said...

No words, buddy. No words.

tiff said...

It's astounding how our bodies betray us to ourselves. You've done a tremendous job explaining it.

eric1313 said...

Very profound work, sir.

I feel it, the more I type the more my carple's poor little tunnels ache.

Especially like the last two lines.

Just blog hopping.

tiff said...

Dude - where's your wordsmiths story?

Come on, please?