Thursday, October 5

Girls 0, Boys -28

Modern western culture demeans women.
Modern depictions of women are detrimental to a girl's psychological growth.
Models, Hollywood stars, and cheerleaders erode a girls self-esteem.

It is waaaaay past time to to call utter BULLSHIT on this bunch of wussing out.

If your daughter is bulimic or anorexic or cutting herself or in a perpetual state of depression, get her to a medical professional. If a regimen of depression medication and counseling doesn't work, quit blaming the rest of us. You, the parents, have fucked up royally by not hugging her, playing with her, teasing her, generally making her feel special, disciplining her, and imparting that most important of all lessons: Life is not fair. I feel very sorry for your girl. Not because she has self-esteem issues, but because she has REALLY CRAPPY PARENTS. You have made her ripe for the picking by the dickhead lurking in her future.

I can hear it: "Kingfisher, you are an insensitive prick." No, I am not. I am the eldest of four brothers. I have two sons and one daughter. I have a nephew and two nieces. I have a brother-in-law and two sisters-in law. I have more qualifications to discuss this than a fleet of New York psychologists teamed up with a panel of Los Angeles fat camp counselors. Why? Because I, my wife, parents, siblings, and children have been living in the real world. That's why.

Quick. Name four female superheroines. "Wonder Woman. Uh...Storm. Uh........Supergirl. Uh....."

Quick. Name four male superheroes. "Superman. Batman. Spiderman. The Flash. Wolverine. The Hulk. Green Lantern. ....." That proves males are better represented to children aren't they?

WRONG. Notice how they are all incredibly smart, unbelievably strong, muscles bulging, saving the world, never wrong, subjugating themselves for the greater good. What does that teach a boy? You must be strong, you must be dependable, responsible, loyal, available on demand, willing to sacrifice yourself for any reason. At all times and in all conditions. If you are not uber-successful, and infinitley manly, you are a failure.

I could go and on and on with examples like athletes, James Bond, rappers, Donald Trump, marines, and cowboys, as counter-productive raised-consciousness feminazi PETA wymmyn nitwits are prone to do, but I'm a reasonable person. I don't need to beat you over the head. Unless you care to argue ad infinitum because you are an "everybody in the contest gets a prize!" hippie; then I need to beat you over the head with a shovel until your skull caves in.

Girls aren't the only ones having a hard time growing up. To treat them like the opening sentences of this stupid rant is paternalistic, sexist, short-sighted, and destructive. Females are smart. Females are tough. Females have stamina. Females are the future of humanity.

But do you also see boys have a hard time growing up? To treat them like the examples in the rest of this stupid rant is unfair, unreasonable, sexist, demeaning, and destructive. Males are smart. Males are tough. Males are not disposable. Males are the future of humanity.

I dream of a day when our children are recognized for the humans they will become, and treated equally. I dream of the day when the differences between girls and boys are recognized, and those differences are reflected in school curricula. I dream of the day when our children are parented as individual humans with individaul needs, not strictly boy or girl, without argument over left brain/right brain, girl brain/boy brain, but the recognition that they are simply different. I dream of the day when boys and girls are segregated sometimes, to learn in their own way with each other, and integrated at other times, so they learn to grow together with each other. I dream of the day when we realize the company of our gender without the other is recognized as important and necessary, not exclusionary. I dream of the day when a Men's Club is not assaulted by women, when Ladies Drink Free isn't reverse discrimination. I DREAM OF THE DAY WHEN THE SEXES ARE EQUAL, YET DIFFERENT. If you invoke the Supreme Court racism decision at this point, you have completely missed my intent, and need to get off my planet.

Until that day of which I dream, the rest of you please shut up. You aren't helping. We are different. We are the same. We need to laugh at each other, criticize each other, love each other, roll our eyes at each other, grit our teeth at each other, talk to one another, accept each other. We need to help each other when life is unfair, supporting but not coddling, giving a well-deserved smack to the head and a "Get Over It" when necessary. Only then will we grow up and evolve as homo sapiens: "wise man." If you take exception to that name/taxonomic term/symantic expedient, your are focusing on "man" and not "wise."

Tell me to go to hell if you wish. I'll gladly oblige, because heaven has got to be full of you pussies.


Shari said...

I think some people that think they know me well would be surprised at how much I agree with you.

Strength is quiet and self esteem should be almost invisible.

This Girl I Used to Know said...

Hey! Wow! Yet another reason I don't have kids!

Anonymous said...

*much applause*

What more can I say? Excellent post!

tiff said...

Marry me.


rennratt said...

If I could get away with it, I would put a plaque on my office door that simply said

Oh, Get OVER yourself.

I am a boss to SIX women; four of them are whiners.

You anger me at times, KF, but I love the crap out of you as well.

jazz bird said...

Amen. Well said.

Kingfisher said...

This came out with much more vehemence than I intended. I'm actually kinda embarrassed by it.

Shari - I really thought you'd be pissed at this one. Your daughters have nothing to fear, because their Mom is awesome.

TGIUTK - Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

Cowboy - not sure applause is deserved on this one, but thanks.

Tiff - Depends. Will you put out first?

Renn - Thanks, I think. Not sure what I did to make you angry, other than be my asshole blowhard foot in mouth self, but gald to have you in my corner. Feelings returned (except the angry part.) BTW - How is Wheatie?

All - Remember my rules for writing? Here is an excellent example of the need to cut by greatere than 50%. And don't write angry while drinking beer.

rennratt said...
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tiff said...

KF - I call bullshit on cutting this by even one word. Pure emotion doens't need to be trifled with by rules. Where would we be if Romeo had edited his passions, or Hamlet, or Castro, Lenin, Jefferson, Curie, Austen, etc?

Speak it when you need to. Beer included if it makes you feel free enough. I'll but your next round and we'll talk.

And yeah, I'll put out first. At my age, it's best to test the product before buying it. Damn stupid middle age. :>

rennratt said...

What I meant to say was...

I may disagree with some of your opinions, but I enjoy reading them nonetheless.

I find it refreshing. I work in an environment that encourages me to have an opinion - only to have it shot down for [insert random, stupid reason].

Rant away, KF. I'll speak up if I disagree, but it is by NO means a plea for apology.

Wordnerd said...

a-MEN, brotha!

This Girl I Used to Know said...

You know... if you replaced the words "woman / women / girl" in those first three sentences with the words "human beings" I kind of think there might be some truth to them.

I think the whole point of the fashion / hollywood machine is to make normal people feel like hunchbacked freaks.