Saturday, May 19

Pupfish Pirates Of The Mojave

Welcome Aboard!
Nothing but fun ahead.
But what the heck is a pupfish?

It's a cute chubby fish, not flashy or spectacular, found in Mojave desert springs.
Most species are highly endangered.
Kingfisher loves fish. His family's new boat is slow, chubby, and cute. Climb aboard!

C dock.
We have the slip as long as we pay the rental fees.
General store? Check.
Fish cleaning station? Check.
Restrooms? Check.
Gas pumps? Check.
Cafe? Check.
Boat mechanic shop? Check.
Fun, either staying on the boat, or taking it out? Check, check. check.

Let's go!

Princefisher II watches Kingfisher apply registration numbers.

When do we leave???

Obey the orders of Captain Kingfisher!

First Mate Queenfisher takes over.

Brotherfisher revels in sun, waves, and relaxation.


Can you find the Princessfisher?

Ah, to be young and tired and growing and who cares!

Recipe for a perfect day:

Sandy cove.
Sandy wading.
Sandy underwear.
Sandy sandwiches.
Sandy sun.

Sandy daydreams.

Pupfish snuggles into one of 3,000 coves.

Kingfisher family ignores everything except the moment.

Driftwood in the desert?! Yup.

The greatest thing about ambling about in nature is you never know what you are going to find.
Princefisher II makes a discovery, and helps the local turkey vultures.

A perfect cove, a perfect day.
You are so jealous.


rennratt said...

That looks like an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I AM jealous!!

Love the boat; looks like great fun. And the lake? Gorgeous! Is it Lake Havasu?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a photo essay! Excellent -- I was right there with you guys.

And I'm still chuckling at your mad photoshopping skillz. Hee!

tiff said...

Ah, but who was the FIRST one to whistle the gilligan's island theme song, eh?

also - LOVE THE 'STACHE, DUDE! All piratey and such!

Kingfisher said...

Renn - Yes it was. Both of them condensed into this photo essay. (Notice how the front white cover and boat names appear and disappear.)

n - Nope. Cottonwood Cove marina on Lake Mohave (it annoys me that they replaced the j.) 60+ miles long between Hoover Dam and Davis Dam north of Laughlin. 200+ miles of shoreline, innumerable coves, narrow canyon cold water trout fishing north, wide warm water bass fishing south, and clearer less trafficked waters than Lake Mead. LOVE IT!

Nerd - Yeah. I'm a C+ student with 15 year-old tech. It makes me laugh.

Tiff - About three of us sang the song at the same time on Pupfish's maiden voyage. But I was the first to notice the parallels with the original "Planet of the Apes" opening sequences. (See the 10th pic.) "Pirate rides" are free at captain's discretion (heh heh heh)