Monday, January 28

See With More Than Your Eyes

Welcome to a place so many are in a hurry to pass through on the interstate.
Don't be one of them.

An abandoned railway depot makes a fine historical museum,
as well as an unexpected architectural gem.

Stop. Listen to the sound of alone.

Nature works for a long time to create her art,
so she makes you work to appreciate it.

God created Eden, but he also designed gardens like this.

Even in the barren wastes there are surprise treasures.

A reminder that this country is still mostly open space.

There is great beauty in the desert.
You just need to learn how to see it.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively breathtaking, KF. Thank you for sharing. It has rained here nonstop for over a week. it is soggy, gray, and ugly outside. You have no idea how much I needed this.

shari said...

I love the of the best camping trips of my life was a week spent there. A bit different than the verdant abundance of the PNW, and I love it.

tiff said...

Does it smell like creosote and sagebrush? Mmmm.

Thanks for sharing.