Tuesday, January 22

State Of Silliness

Alabama: Steadfast in our refusal to admit we lost
Alaska: We’re far away because you guys suck
Arizona: World’s biggest ditch
Arkansas: Turning away the winds of change
California: Dude. Seriously, bro. Come hang.
Colorado: Less square than Wyoming
Connecticut: 23 acres larger than Rhode Island!
Delaware: A state. Really.
Florida: Celebrating the superior intelligence of reptiles for 500 years
Georgia: Y'all tawk funny.
Hawaii: Our natives were raped last!
Idaho: More reclusive anarchists per square mile
Illinois: Visit the new Museum of Corruption (knock 3 times and say Al sent you)
Indiana: Slightly more than just basketball
Iowa: Guess that smell!
Kansas: Celebrate the genius of Toto leaving home
Kentucky: At least our abbreviation is interesting
Louisiana: Proudly ignoring elevation, gravity, and hydrodynamics
Maine: We’re not telling.
Maryland: A buttload o’ crabs and seafood, too!
Massachusetts: Just small enough to tell you what’s right
Michigan: Half the fun, but twice the state!
Minnesota: Go fish.
Mississippi: A river, a spelling quiz, a place

Missouri: Samuel Clemens changed his name for some reason
Montana: First Second Third Fourth in area!
Nebraska: Corn – Nature’s poopie joke
Nevada: Bring your dreams. Trust us.
New Hampshire: First in voting and…uh...
New Jersey: Almost as obnoxious as New York
New Mexico: No habla Ingles
New York: What are you lookin' at?
North Carolina: North of South Carolina, east of West Virginia. Ok, we’re lost.
North Dakota: 1.3% less ice than Canada!
Ohio: Land of Crapportunity
Oklahoma: Come for the bison, stay for the buffalo
Oregon: Get out.
Pennsylvania: Independence Hell
Rhode Island: Turn right at Connecticut
South Carolina: The Bermuda Triangle of America
South Dakota: At least we’re not North Dakota
Tennessee: As seen on CMT
Texas: Where everything is big except smart
Utah: The only state without a Starbuck's!
Vermont: One of the original 14 colonies
Virginia: Presidents used to be born here
Washington: Not D.C. The other one.

West Virginia: Dentists wanted
Wisconsin: Nine billion cows can’t be wrong!
Wyoming: Playing cowboys and indians since 1875


rennratt said...


1. Not for lovers, for misquitos.

2. Even the moose freeze their butts off.

3. We have PUFFINS!

4. Where paper mills, skidders and mosquitos outnumber humans.

5. Poor as the dirt we grow our 'taters in.

Seriously? We don't have one. We just like to be called Maine-iacs.

Anonymous said...

I love this!

shari said...


The not D.C. thing makes me crazy. If you talk to anyone east of the Mississippi they are convinced there is no other Washington but the D.C. variety.


tiff said...

The north carolina one....may I suggest alternatives?

1) more yankees than natives

2) wider than it is tall, just like most of its residents

3) yo quiero landscaping

4) tobacco and soybens, it's what's for dinner