Monday, March 9

NV 2179 KX

You were my pride and joy, my dear Pupfish, but times are tough. Please don't hate me.
You will be fine with the nice older couple. Their grand kids will love you.
Have fun in Canada.
* * *
For a little while, I was Captain Kirk.
But like the preceding 10 months, give my regards to Captain Dunsel.


Scott said...

Ah, Pupfish...she was a joy to ride, except when the desert winds kicked the waves up. But even then, you can't say the ride wasn't INTERESTING! I enjoyed many hours with her either taking me to quiet fishing coves or sitting there silently waiting for us to return.

Beam me up, Scotty.

BTW, "Word Verification"...noness.

rennratt said...

I'm sorry. May the Canadian family enjoy it beyond words.

tiff said...

Aw man. Bye Pupfish!

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage pupfish. Dammit.