Friday, June 5

Please Go Away

One of these days the alien demon will escape through your fake smile.

You're gay. We get it. You also contribute nothing to society.
Now shut up, you squealy little punk.

The reason why the N word is still a legitimate noun.

Quite squinting at me, you stuck up chirpy bitch.

I hated this smug little lesbian slut in third grade when she was Pippi Longstocking.

There are no words, in any combination, in any language, in any universe,
that can adequately describe how much you guys suck.

Hey, aren't you the smarmy psychology prof who flunked me
while banging coeds in exchange for good grades?

The only hot cunt no man wants to fuck.

The only thing more retarded than anti-blackface urban hip-hop epileptic twatwads is -
There is nothing more retarded than anti-blackface urban hip-hop epileptic twatwads.

Tonight's nightmare brought to you courtesy of Slickface McGloryhole.

Pop 'n' Douche the Pricksbury DoughNazi.

If Amy Winehouse mated with Mr. Potato Head.


rennratt said...

I have no idea who 1/2 the people on this list are.

I'm not sure what that says about me.

Anonymous said...

God I've missed you. An insult for Hannity, Coulter AND Wendy.


Anonymous said...

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DaRuddest Jones said...

This post is beyond hysterical. Lol. Thank you for making my morning better. Lol.