Monday, June 22

Facebook Lesson

So I took the plunge and got a Facebook account. Within three days I was being hooked up with old friends I hadn't seen in 25 years or more. But I don't advise you sign up right away unless you want to learn the following things:

- almost everyone looks younger and more beautiful than you
- almost everyone is doing more fun things than you
- almost everyone is more successful than you
- almost everyone seems to have more money than you
- almost everyone has traveled to more exciting locations than you
- almost everyone looks happier than you
- you a re a big fat loser and your life has amounted to squat


Stew Magoo said...

Yeah and then there's the embarrassing moments that people reveal about you AND THERE'S NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

For instance, if you make me your friend on FaceBork I'll tell everyone about that time you shat yourself watching the Halloween special edition of Little House on the Prairie...


rennratt said...

...and that 99% of what other people are posting to make you jealous?

It's CRAP.

-Scott- said...

Concentrate on what you DO have...and feel lucky you didn't end up in a hospital last year trying to figure out which way is up. You're life ain't that bad dude.

-Your bro-

tiff said...

Hey - those poeple are all about decorating the envelope and forgetting to read the letter inside. Not you man.

Now friend me.

Scott said...

- almost everyone is lying through their teeth.

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