Thursday, August 24

The Long Bridge, High And Terrible

It was a long bridge, high and terrible. Beneath it the canyon grinned wide with menace and contempt. He imagined skeletons broken on unforgiving rocks far below, dried corpses of those who came before, who tried and failed. Vertigo threatened his balance. The view downward induced panic. He backed away, reconsidering.

Chastised by intellect, he shrugged off uncertainty. There was nothing to fear here. The unknown always ran once challenged. Beginnings are easy, he told himself. Endings are easy. Only the span between is hard. Fool, just place your feet and cross! If the bridge failed, damn it, he would grow wings.

Daring the long bridge, high and terrible, he put pen to paper and began to write.


Shari said...

The title made me start singing to myself, "All things wise and wonderful...all creatures great and small...."

rennratt said...

Mmm. Dried corpses.

This Girl I Used to Know said...

Not getting ME on THAT bridge!

tiff said...

and with that, he's back.

thank GOODNESS!!

Erica said...

oh my GOD do I know that bridge. Keep going!