Saturday, September 22

Kingfisher The Awesome

My brother and I talked last night over beer, Jameson's, and trivia games about the states of our respective lives. We came to the conclusion, as evidenced by recent posts, that we are in the middle of a high douchebag tide. The moon's pull seems to have collected all manner of boors and idiots, various and sundry irritants, and piled them against us like so much driftwood. So it's no wonder I have been in a FOUL mood lately.

Then comes this post on Berate My Blog, which proves how totally freaking awesome I am. It makes me want to slap myself, say "get over it!" and take up the e-pen more often.

Sometimes the universe does love you (even if you do have neuroses.)

I feel so much better.

Big Thanks to Unica and Fiona, two ladies of exceptional taste, brilliant insight, and refined beauty.


wordnerd said...

Dude -- that rocks! (Of course, we always knew that.)

Cravey said...



utenzi said...

They do have exceptional taste, don't they?

Shari said...

Freakin' awesome.

I throw in my vote for the "taking up the e-pen more often"!

rennratt said...


tiff said...

How did I not comment on this?

E-pen at the ready please, and begin. You have a wordsmiths story to write.