Sunday, August 19


9 Unpopular Sports Truths

Part I…Dumbass Pseudo-Sport Crap Competitions
- 9. Synchronized swimming
- 8. Motocross
- 7. Figure skating
- 5. Kickboxing
- 4. Arm wrestling
- 3. Skateboarding
- 2. Cheerleading
- 1. Xtreme anything

Part II…Mildly Entertaining But Really zzzzz Or meh
- 9. Curling
- 8. Billiards
- 7. Televised fishing
- 6. Strong Man competitions
- 5. Golf
- 4. Basketball
- 3. Hockey
- 2. Bowling
- 1. Arena football

Part III…Sports Deserving More Recognition
- 9. Lumberjack competitions
- 8. Horse racing
- 7. Australian Rules Football
- 6. Track and field
- 5. Iditarod
- 4. Archery
- 3. Diving
- 2. Women’s fast-pitch softball
- 1. Sumo


tiff said...

Part III - biathlon, watermelon seed spitting.

Part II - you dissin' fishin'? :> Yeah, it's more fun to do than to watch. Except if they're fishing the Bounday Waters in summer, then THEY can take the blacflies and I'll watch.

Part I - Rhythmic.Gymnastics.

Love this post.

Shari said...

NASCAR, Strong Man Competitions and Horse Racing would have been my number 1's.

rennratt said...

Televised hockey is ok, but it is MUCH better in person.

GAME SHOWS kill me, along with most "Reality Television". If we could chase snobby, scrawny, backstabbing people through COMPTON, however, I would watch that.

If you want to see great log sawing skills, head to Elkins, West Virginia for the Mountain State Forest Festival. You would NOT regret it.

I hope.

rennratt said...

Seriously. Who WOULDN'T want to attend a party that included "Irish Road Bowling"?!

In case you think I am lying:

Just don't eat the ramps...

Kingfisher said...

Renn - thanks for the link. It looks great.

However, in September there's an event called "Portable Toilets." Click on that, and you find a link that says "Scrapbook Photos." I think I'll pass on that one.