Friday, August 24

9.0807b *

9 Places With An Attitude
That No One Gives A Crap About
If They Are Not From There
And That's Why They Have An Attitude
To Try And Prove Otherwise
So The Rest Of Us Continue To Despise Them
And That's Why They Have An Attitude

9. Sicily

8. Pick a NYC burrough

7. Hong Kong

6. Israel

5. New Jersey

4. Florida

3. Quebec

2. France

1. Texas

The Flip Side 9:
No One Not From There Has Anything Bad To Say About You

9. Costa Rica

8. Hawaii

7. Kenya

6. Bermuda

5. Alaska

4. Sweden

3. Australia

2. Iceland

1. Antarctica

* Has anyone else noticed how many place-names start and/or end with "a?"


rennratt said...

You missed "PA" on the first list.

I have long held that PA should secede from the rest of the nation and form it's own, obnoxious little country.

tiff said...

renn - you probably won't get any argument from the Amish.

Excellent lists, KF. However do you think of this stuff?

rennratt said...

Oddly, I never had a problem with the Amish.

I pretty much loathed every other person encountered in the state, though.

Bebti said...

By the way bro, it's spelled "Borough".

And don't pass judgement on a place you've never truly visited.