Friday, August 31

DO NOT Fuck With The Nice Guy

"They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers"

You have no idea what what personal Pandora's box you have opened.
Your life is about to resemble a piece of hell.
I will stare you right in the face as I unleash misery upon you.
God help me refrain from using my most lethal weapons.
But most of all, God help you, you unworthy coward.


Biff Spiffy said...

Holy crap!

What happened?

I've made a note to myself not to fuck with nice guys.

Or big ones with prison tattoos.

Cravey said...


I'm so glad you're not tawkin' to ME.

I love a good fight though, can I watch?

Bebti said...

Damn, what the hell happened?

tiff said...

Hey - what'd you do with Steve Fossett?

wordnerd said...

Dammmmmmmmn. Glad I'm on your good side.

rennratt said...

May this week be much better than the last.

Shari said...

Will you post the results on YouTube?