Saturday, June 2


Stress and I are old enemies. We have engaged each other in battles uncounted.

My enemy wears many faces. At times it is the face of a family member, other times it is the face of a coworker, many times it is the unrecognized face of the unkown. More often than not it is the familiar face that stares back at me while I am shaving.

In every battle I have been victorious: smug, raging, defiant. In every battle my enemy vows revenge.

It is inevitable that my enemy will win the endless war we wage.

Just not today.


tiff said...

No, it won't win, not with the Pupfish in your arsenal.

And yay for you winning today. Keep piling them up one at a time and it's all over but the shouting.

Er...or something.

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, buddy!

Shari said...

I consider my face my enemy every time I have to shave, too.