Friday, June 1

The Dread Pirate Kingfisher

Sometimes a Captain sails his loyal crew into dangerous desert waters
during a squall with 1' waves, icebergs the size of ice cubes,
20 mph winds, 65° weather, vampire ducks, and cheap beer.

Don't we look happy in our safety vests/straight jackets?

From left to right these soaked bilge rats are Captain Kingfisher,
Deckhand Princefisher I, First Mate Queenfisher,
and hapless pleasure cruise passenger Grand Queenfisher.


tiff said...

The 1-finger salute is perfect for such rough seas.

LOVES the happy grin on princefisher's face!

rennratt said...

Very cool, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic... so very choice. Especially the Wal-mart smileys... frownies and other expressions.