Friday, June 1

The Dread Pirate Kingfisher

Sometimes a Captain sails his loyal crew into dangerous desert waters
during a squall with 1' waves, icebergs the size of ice cubes,
20 mph winds, 65° weather, vampire ducks, and cheap beer.

Don't we look happy in our safety vests/straight jackets?

From left to right these soaked bilge rats are Captain Kingfisher,
Deckhand Princefisher I, First Mate Queenfisher,
and hapless pleasure cruise passenger Grand Queenfisher.


tiff said...

The 1-finger salute is perfect for such rough seas.

LOVES the happy grin on princefisher's face!

rennratt said...

Very cool, indeed.

N said...

Love the pic... so very choice. Especially the Wal-mart smileys... frownies and other expressions.