Wednesday, June 27

N Word Redux

I wanted to comment on a dear friend's blog about his/her use of the word "tard." I realized it wasn't my place to clutter his/her space with my inflammatory opinion, so I'll do it here. If you haven't read my pissed offedness at PC censoring, go here.

To the offended commentor: Who are you to cast aspersions on someone else's words? By your own admission "mentally retarded" is okay, but "tard" is not. Fuck you. You are playing with semantics in an effort to erase something that is offensive to YOU. Thicken your skin a little, for whining out loud, and stop the hypocrisy.

I take Prozac. I freely admit it, although the admission elicits negative presumptions in many quarters. Unlike retards, cripples, PMSers, or fags, my perceived affliction/impairment/abnormality is fair game. You can call me nuts, fruitcake, whackjob, whatever you want. Why? Because I know the truth. I spread that truth by living my life and ignoring John Q. Retard, and by not jamming my my sensibilities down somone's throat.

I don't know the relationship between the parties in question. To me it doesn't matter. I saw past the perceived insult to the story and joke within the experience retold. Anyone who reads my friend's blog with any regularity knows his/her innate goodness and gentleness. He/She can use whatever words he/she wants to make a point. If it offends me, I don't deserve to read it.

You, my blog friend, showed the caring sweetness that is your soul by apologizing, but it was wholly unnecessary.

You, the offended commentor, are a miltant do-gooder pussy. Just to be fair, I visited your blog. I found it trite, syrupy, and mildly offensive to some of MY sensibilities. But it's YOUR space and YOUR words. I would not dare leave my comment advocating my opinions to the contrary, because whatever you espouse is important to you.

Give the rest of us the same courtesy.

I gotcher insult right here.


Shari said...

Well said.

(you said "fag". *giggle*)

Cravey said...

I think I want you on my side. In Anything.
For Serious.


tiff said...

You're right, you know.

It's just hard to not capitulate when confronted. Might be more fun NOT to, come to think of it. A hearty 'fuck you' does tend to make one feel ever so much better about "things."

rennratt said...

Thank you. Partly for the protection, but mostly for just getting 'me'.

Uh, my word verification is "smenita". I know it's probably not a word, but it sounds filthy.

6truck said...


I just got out of an 8 hour court-mandated "diversity training" class yesterday...You just said what I wanted to scream out at the top of my lungs (but wouldn't for fear of prolonging an already overly long session).

Thanks. When I left I felt like a dirty white racist, but after reading this I feel...clean again.